What I Wore Wednesday-Springtime Fashion Edition


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Spring isn’t my favorite season, but I do still love this time of year!  It really does refresh and renew you!  Our Winter wasn’t bad, but I’m always happy to be out of that season!  I’m loving pulling short sleeves, flip flops, and shorts out to wear.  I totally struggle with work clothes this time of the year though.  I don’t know why.  I just have a hard time finding work appropriate shirts.  I always buy more non work clothing which makes no sense because I am at work more than anywhere else.

I’m by no means some kind of fashion guru.  I usually just wear what’s comfortable and follow the trends of the season.  I’m LOVING the off the shoulder trend right now!  I think that style is so feminine and cute!  I’m also loving all the florals and the blush pink trend!  So today I thought I would share some of my favorite Spring looks from a few local boutiques to my area.  All of these have sites you can purchase from and have it shipped to you if you are not local!


Z Supply Pocket Tees are the best!  I wish I had one in every color!  Kimonos are a great way to dress up those basic Z Supply Tees!  Plus the floral.. #love!  Cute floral shirts that look good with white jeans!  And look at the back!  And strips always win!  Plus I love the knotted up side of the shirt!  All of these are at one of my favorite boutiques in our area–Stella Ivy Boutique!  Check them out on Facebook and join their insider’s club.  You can order right off Facebook or Instagram through their social shop.


I love this new trend of the shorts under the long maxi skirts!  Soo cute! And the new trend of frayed hem jeans!  #winner And of course an off the shoulder top with white jeans!  Plus I am loving that choker necklace!  All of these can be found at Janie Rose Boutique!  They have a great website to order off of as well as Facebook and Instagram.  Go check this shop out!


I love the choker style tops that are trendy right now!  I have one top that is that style, but I would love to add that blue one to my closet!  Another floral top and a cute hemline!  And what about the cut out on that powder blue top!  Love!  And I can’t tell you how much I adore rompers!  (And another floral print!) And who doesn’t own a graphic tee!?! Coffee, Pray, Conquer is probably my life motto!  This cute boutique is called Lizzie B Boutique!  Check out their site here or search for them on Facebook!  They will take PayPal e-mails and ship if you comment on pictures on Facebook!

What are you adding to your closet for Spring?  Do you love florals?  Off the shoulder tops?  Graphic Tees?  Rompers?  What are your local boutiques that have online shops?  Share your go to looks and boutiques!

God Bless-XOXO




Monday Musings

Well, I haven’t been in a blogging mood in quite a bit, but I thought I would participate in a link up.  I started this post, and I obviously didn’t finish it on Friday.  #bloggingfail       So I didn’t get to link up with AndreaNarci, and Erika for Friday Favorites!  So I have turned this into my Monday Musings…. 🙂



Biggest Loser–So the Biggest Loser contest at work begins today.  I have really gone crazy on my eating game this week #eatingallthecalories in preparation for it to begin!  Ha!  We did our weigh in this morning and we will continue to weigh in every Friday for the next six weeks.  Now normally any type of diet would not be my favorite, but I like the accountability of doing this as a work team.  I know I will feel better if I can drop a few pounds.  I just like feeling comfortable in my clothes, and lately I have been all about elastic waists!  #notgood  So here’s to looking and feeling better just in time for Summer Break!


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Manicures-So I have been using this nail system (powder dip) at the nail salon I go to in my town.  This is a new product to me!  I have been using it since maybe November.  It has made my nails grow long and strong.  My favorite thing about it is that it lasts three weeks on me!  It’s way better for your nails than the regular gel manicures.  You can read more about SNS Nails on their site.  I got my monthly mani done yesterday, and I wish I would have taken a picture before the polish was put back on to show how healthy my nails looked!  I also got my nails cut way down this time just because it makes them grow so quickly!  I don’t know the name of my polish!  They put numbers on them in my nail salon.  It’s a light pink with subtle sparkle/glitter.



TV-I have been loving my Sunday night shows.  I have three that I have been religiously watching lately.  The Walking Dead-This season was hit or miss for me.  I am not a fan of the episodes that focus on just one character.   The closer the episodes got to the end of the season the better they got though.  I really don’t want Neagan to be in Season 8, but he probably isn’t killed off this season.  Big Little Lies-I loved this book and the miniseries hasn’t disappointed.  The actresses are phenomenal, and I am so sad to see this one come to an end also.  Also the music in this show is sooo good!  Homeland-We binge watched this one around Christmas to catch up to the current season.  I love Saul, Carrie, and Quinn!  This one has a few more episodes before the season finale, so I will at least have something to watch a little while longer.  With The Bachelor over and now two of those shows finishing up, I am going to have to find a Netflix or Amazon show to start watching.

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God Bless!  XOXO-Sarah

My Love

I’m linking up today with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday!

At 31 years old, I had honestly thought my life would have already been settled… a husband and kids would’ve been checked off that list. But they weren’t.  In May of of 2015, I went on a blind group date and met the man I get to call mine! The last person I will ever say “I love you” to again.  The person I get to wake up beside for hopefully countless mornings to come.  He gets me and loves me unconditionally.  That’s all I ever wanted.  To find the man who would never give up on me, that I would be enough for, and love me unconditionally.  I can’t thank God enough for sending him into my life.



Blake is such a hard worker for us.  He works two jobs.  Sometimes 12 hour days.  He wakes up early and gets home late.  He still manages to help with laundry or cleaning without (much) complaint.  🙂 He gives up stuff he wants to do for stuff I want to do.  He lets me fall asleep on him and snuggle with him in the mornings.  He wakes me up to walk him to the door so I can kiss him goodbye each morning.  He lets me read our nightly devotional and pray together.  He listens to me.  He goes to church with me when he isn’t working on Sundays.  He lets me have girl nights and spend money on pedi/mani and wine night.  He is content to sit on the couch with me and watch a netflix show.   He eats my cooking.  He would give me the moon if I asked for it.  He is my person!

Sometimes when I think of how old I was before I met Blake, I wish I could go back in time and meet him sooner.  But that may not have worked out due to our age difference.  I know we met each other at the perfect time for us.  Plus even though I have regrets about some relationships I would erase, all of those made me who I am and brought me on the path to meet Blake.


So even though this post is geared toward our Love, I have a past Love I want to talk about. Maybe more for the preservation of having it permanently in my blog so I can have it documented.  Maybe because it’s therapeutic to write about it.  In no way is it meant to be disrespectful to my husband or marriage.  It’s just a part of my life before him.

You never know how you will feel about something until it happens.  And my little world was rocked a couple of days ago. I feel like pieces of your heart at times can belong to different people.  I think your first love will always have a place or a piece in your heart.  At least that’s how it is for me.  Saturday morning a little piece of my heart broke.  My first real love, my first boyfriend, the first boy I ever said I love you to, the first boy who ever told me he loved me, my senior prom date, the first boy I ever talked a future with, left this earth so very unexpectedly in a car accident that it has left so many shocked and in disbelief.  I can’t explain the sadness I feel.  And I never expected to feel this upset.  Maybe its our age.  He was 32.  Maybe its that we still called each other friends and never lost touch.  Maybe its because our history is so intertwined and connected.  It’s probably all those reasons and others.  He just meant a lot to me.  I can’t think of high school senior year, the first two years of college, and or the period in my life from 17-21 without him being in those memories.  Even after we weren’t officially together, it took awhile for us to really give each other up.  We had some REALLY rocky times.  We were young.  Its hard to know how to navigate those times.  At times we acted crazy.  He’s the only guy I have ever gotten slapped for by another girl.  So of course we had times that we just weren’t good for each other.  But I remember so many good times outweighing the bad ones.  And if I could choose to relieve any time period, it would be my freshman and sophomore year of college.  They were just two really fun years.  He went into the Air National Guard.  One of the first people he called  or texted when he got his phone back, was me.  And when he got back home, it was me again.  I vividly remember sitting in the Ole Miss DeSoto parking lot and his phone number popping up on my phone.  I remember meeting up with him.  Our mutual friend told me that all the guys at basic training ran with their iPod holders on their arms and kept pictures of their girls in it.  We weren’t together during that time, but it was my picture in that plastic sleeve.  My first broadway play (Beauty and the Beast) and time at The Orpheum was with him.  The first time I saw John Mayer was with him.  We had pizza together one evening a couple years ago.  He texted me when my grandfather died.  He told me congratulations when I got married.  I saw him in November.  He came up and gave me a big hug and introduced himself to my husband.  I know it was awkward for him to walk over but he did.  And man, I am so glad now that he did.  That is the last time I saw him.  I have told several people these last couple of days, that I always thought if I were dying and had the opportunity to call people in to tell good-bye, I would most definitely want the opportunity to tell him good-bye.  I think that’s one reason I’m so upset.  I think I still had stuff to tell him.  But now I can’t.  So don’t let those times slip by.  Someone told me yesterday how special it was I was part of so many memories and got to be a part of his life.  And while I may have not been an active part in the past few years, I am so glad I was part of the years we had together.  I am so glad I kept the things I did.  I have CD’s he made me and so many pictures.  And I am so glad I can close my eyes and remember so many times with him.  I really hope I get to see him again one day.

If you are a praying person, I know his family would appreciate prayers in the days ahead. Thanks for letting me share a small part of him here today. 

Hope you and yours have a Happy Valentine’s Day!  


Weekend Happenings-Checking off a Bucket List Item

Well, I have been absent for a couple of weeks now… The week of my birthday I got sick.  It was mainly a cold/sinus type infection but I had a 101 fever with it!  So I only worked two half days then had to leave for Biloxi for my social work conference.  I have NOTHING to blog about from that trip because I literally did nothing.  I didn’t leave the casino I was staying at the entire time.  I ordered room service the first night and went to the buffet the second night.  I was asleep by 9:30 each night.  I did get to celebrate my birthday with my friends when I got back home with a nice dinner.  My fever went away after three days, but I am still coughing and blowing my nose!  I am definitely ready to be back to 100%.

So what bucket list item did I check off….


Y’all.  This was a once in a lifetime show!  My 90’s heart was so happy!  I had goosebumps, wanted to tear up at times, and sang my heart out!  He ended up playing four shows in Memphis.  When they went on sale, I was literally on three devices trying to get tickets for any of the shows.  I ended up getting the best seats for the Saturday afternoon show at 3:00pm.  I was hesitant about this show time, but it ended up being so good! No matter your seats, the ticket cost was one set price.  I was amazed at how good our seats were for this show!  We couldn’t have asked for better seats for the price!  We went downtown for lunch then headed to the show.  When we got out, we met my in-laws to eat, and then got home a little after 10!  Great, wonderful, fabulous day!



Trisha Yearwood was fabulous also!


I bought three tickets.  Two for me and my husband.  One for my brother in law.  My brother in law ended up getting tickets for him and his girlfriend for a different show.  So I asked one of my besties to go with us!  I am so glad she was able to go with us!  We had such a fun day with her!

And of course I can’t leave out my pics of my hottie husband!  This was his one of his Christmas presents.  He said it was the best concert he had ever seen!  I agree, babe!

So even if you aren’t the biggest country music fan, go see this show if it comes to your town!  You won’t regret it!

Sunday was spent at church, taking naps, eating crawfish and catfish for supper, then watching the Super Bowl from the comfort of our couch!  I am not really into the Super Bowl this year because I don’t care about either team.  I guess if I have to pick, then I will pick the Falcons just because they haven’t won a Super Bowl!  And as of right now, it’s looking good for them!

This week is going to be busy for me because I have a four day training in Memphis Tuesday-Friday.  So I gotta squeeze in a lot of work tomorrow with the students!  Hope your Monday is wonderful!

God Bless! XOXO-Sarah

Friday Favorites

friday favorites flower look[1]

Time for Friday Favorites with Erika, Narci, and Andrea!

#1 Short weeks!  I could totally get down with every week being a four day work week.  I will go even further and say I would be willing to work four 10 hour work days!  I don’t think the school system is going to implement my plan anytime soon though.



#2 Rae Dunn!  So in my Instagram (Follow ME) world, I follow a ton of folks who are Rae Dunn obsessed.  I don’t think Rae Dunn is a  big thing to collect in my part of Mississippi.  You are supposed to be able to find her clay pottery creations at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods.  I have only really tried to look in these stores once and found ZERO Rae Dunn.  So my collection has started off with buying online.  And I am pretty sure I am getting ripped off on what I pay!  If I could find them in store, I think I would find that are probably half of what I’m paying online.  So many people buy all her stuff from these stores and resale at a big markup.  Bummer!  Right now I am just starting out with her mugs.  I love them!  They aren’t exactly perfectly made, and they are big!  And how cute are the sayings!?  I have three (FAITH, HEY GIRL, KISSES) more on the way to me now!  I eventually want to add in some more of stuff-Like the pitcher, canisters, butter dish, etc.  Do y’all have Rae Dunn in your stores?  Any collectors?


I am still decorating and adding touches to our home.  This is the beginnings of my coffee bar area and the beginning of my collection!  I also have a MRS. mug not pictured.  Can’t wait to have my mug rack full!

#3 Skinnytaste Korean Beef Rice Bowls!  This was amazing to eat and so easy to make!  Y’all have to try it!  I believe it was her number one recipe of 2016!


Here’s how mine turned out!  Can’t wait to eat my leftovers for lunch today!

#4 Birthdays!  Next week is my birthday week!  Always my favorite week of the year!  I’m turning the big #33-Kinda seems like a not fun birthday number. 32 was pretty fun so I’m sure 33 will be an awesome year as well!

#5 Biloxi, MS!  Next week I am heading to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the Gulf Coast Social Work Conference.  It’s one of my favorite places to visit.  And it’s always a good time to visit the beach-especially in January!  I will actually be there on my birthday so I can’t wait to eat at my favorite place!  Mary Mahoney’s Old French House!  They serve my favorite crab cakes!  They are just so yummy!  I also plan on hitting up Shaggy’s !  It’s just a fun beachy restaurant.  I’m staying at a place new to me, so I will let you know how my trip goes!



This weekend our plans are kinda low key.  My husband’s company didn’t have their work Christmas party in December due to a couple different issues.  So this Saturday night we are attending a late Christmas party at his owner’s home! If the food is anything like last year, it will be superb!  Sunday night is my family birthday party at my in-laws.  So two fun things to look forward to this weekend!  Have a great weekend!

God Bless-Sarah

P.S.  Today is Inauguration Day. No matter what side of the election you fall on, I hope you will pray for the incoming President, his cabinet, and America.  I prayed for President Obama while in office and will now pray for President Trump.  Whether you agree on the President or not, I hope we can all come together and want the best for American and its citizens.

Tuesday Talk-Cookbooks

I am joining up today with Ashley and Erika for their Tuesday Talk link up!

I want to talk about healthy cookbooks.  Since getting married, I have really grown to enjoy cooking!  I rarely cook stuff twice.  Not because I haven’t cooked meals we have loved, but I just enjoy trying new recipes!  I love sitting with my cookbooks each week picking out our meals for the week.  Of course I use Pinterest and recipe websites, but I just love a cookbook!  My collection is not big yet, and I am ready to start building it up!  So give me suggestions!

Here are my three go to cookbooks I use on a regular basis…


The Skinnytaste website also has TONS of recipes!



The Skinnytaste Cookbook


I am cooking out of this one a lot right now!


Skinnytaste Fast and Slow



Skinny Suppers

I love all these cookbooks because you can go on their websites and see the Weight Watcher points associated with each recipe!  Weight Watchers is just easy for me to follow from time to time.  Like right now when I have put on my “winter weight”-Y’all know what I mean! 🙂

Skinnytaste definitely uses a lot of flavor, and I LOVE that!  We can eat healthy, and it tastes good!  So I would recommend all three of these!  I look forward to getting some good recommendations back!

God Bless-Sarah

New Year. New Goals.

2016 was full of so many wonderful events and memories!  It started off with our engagement.  Then wedding planning was in full force because it was all planned in six months!  There were wedding showers, birthdays, bachelorette parties, a honeymoon to the Dominican Republic, moving in to our first place, summer break, Ole Miss football games, girl’s nights, friend’s dinner nights, best friend’s wedding, and celebrating our first married holidays.  2016 is going to be hard to top, but I know that 2017 is going to be filled with so many awesome memories waiting to be made!

So I’m not super big on the resolution making.  I’m probably like the majority of folks who make them and don’t end up sticking to them.  My favorite one I try to say every year is i’m going to wake up earlier so I’m not rushed every morning.  Yes, every morning I’m rushed because I don’t want to get out of bed.  But in the last 9 yeas since I graduated that resolution just hasn’t stuck.  But hey, I can always keep trying. 🙂

So my first goal of 2017 is… To read more.  I have a goal of reading one book a month.  I read so many blogs and several read multiple books a month.  I decided to start small and stick with one book for now and hopefully it turns into more than that!  I LOVE reading!  I always have since I was a kid!  I would join the summer reading programs at the library just because I loved to read and go check out books!  #nerdalert

I hope to accomplish this goal by putting the phone down at night.  When i get in bed, instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds, I am going to pick up a book!  Over the Christmas break I went to visit family in Franklin, TN.  We visited some Civil War battlefield sites.  I love history too!  So my first book is The Widow of the South.  We visited the home and battlefield site of the setting of this book.  I picked this up in the gift shop after our tour guide mentioned it.  I will let you know how it goes!



My second goal also has to do with reading but it’s a little different.  I want to read a nightly devotional and pray together with my husband.  This is so important to me!  Our spiritual life is the foundation we need to build our relationship on.  It’s also a way to gain insight on issues that we may know about it if we weren’t sharing with each other in prayer time.  I want to be a better example and light for my husband.  I want him to see Christ through me daily!  I picked up a simple devotional by Max Lucado called God is With You Everyday.


Those were really my two goals I came up with for 2017.  Other things I want to focus on being better at… Meal planning and budgeting.  I do try to meal plan weekly.  I feel like I can do better at this and keep our cost even below what I like to budget.

I want to focus on being home more and building on relationships that matter.  I have enjoyed making our place home.  I have created what I believe is a cozy space for us!  And I love being here.  Sure I like to go out and eat with friends or go to a concert or game and I can’t give up my girl’s night out every now and then, but I want to learn to be okay with being at home.  It will save us money and helps us slow down and focus on what is important.  We have major goals we want to accomplish like buying land by the end of the year.  We want to build a house on that land one day.  We will have to make some financial sacrifices to accomplish what we want long term.

Also I know I’m a little lazy.  I like staying in bed longer than I should, coming in and sitting down when I could start a load of laundry, or saying I’m too tired to go to the gym, etc.  I just want to be productive.  I thrive off having some me/quiet time when I get home from work.  I know it’s okay to take that time for myself, but I don’t need to overdue it.  I will feel better if I stay on top of things!

Lastly, I want to focus more on this little blog.  I want to write more posts and see where this blog can take me!

I want to leave you with my church’s verse/theme of the year.  We are really focusing on it right now, and it’s a great reminder of how to live daily.


via YouVersion Bible App

I hope your 2017 has started off well!  Many blessings to you in this new year!

XOXO, Sarah


Show and Tell Tuesdays-Christmas Home Tour


Time to link up with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday!  So starting off with your first Christmas in your first place is hard!  I wasn’t engaged until after Christmas last year, so I didn’t shop any post holiday sales to stock up on items.  I definitely plan to hit up some after Christmas sales this year though so that I can begin to collect Christmas/Holiday decor for future seasons to come!

Blake’s mom only puts up a small Christmas tree since she has no kids living at home and their family Christmas gathering is relatively small.  So lucky for us, we were able to get one of her trees she no longer uses.  It is a 9 foot Pole Fir Tree.  Now 9 ft in the box and what I expected it to look like in my mind versus once it was put together… Well lets say, I do love it, but I probably could have had a smaller tree in the apartment.  Since we live in an upstairs unit, we do have vaulted ceilings in the living room which is how we made this tree work in the space.


I really love the traditional Christmas look so I decided on red and green for my tree theme.  Of course I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration also.  You can find my Pinterest board for all things Holiday here.  I decided the best place for good prices and selection would be to shop at Hobby Lobby.  I was able to get 95% of my tree decorations there.

And luckily for us again, Blake’s mom was kind enough to purchase all of our tree decor to help us start out this year.  The mesh ribbon came from a store in Southaven, Mississippi called House to Home.  This is a wholesale store with tons of decorations for do it yourselfers.  They had some pre-made bows which is the route I chose to go!  I am not ready to tackle the mesh bow process!  Best part.. The bow was only $9.50 and the the rolls of ribbon were only $6.50!  I purchased two rolls of ribbon.  I also got the glitter bows from House to Home.

The tree skirt my mom bought for us.  She purchased it from TJ Maxx.  I got a lot of recommendations to look for tree skirts there.  My mom works close by one and  was able to pick it out based on the colors and plaid ribbon.  (I couldn’t find my exact one on the site).  I think she did a great job!  🙂


I do have two non red/green ornaments on the tree!  This is our First Married Christmas ornament for 2016.  It’s a Glory Haus ornament and you can find it here.  Thanks, Mom!  And then this is also a first Christmas one that is Ole Miss themed!  So cute!  Thanks, Heather!

My other favorite spot to hit up has been the Target Dollar Spot.  I have seen a lot of these items on my Instagram feed so I basically copied their ideas.  I would love to have some additional items in my cupcake stand, but I didn’t want to buy a lot more until the after Christmas sales.  I got the table runner, car, red mason jar, plaid plate, wreath, and Christmas Card at the Dollar Spot.  The pottery is McCarty and Panduro.  Both are local to Mississippi.  And candy canes always add a festive touch.  In the kitchen I just put some Christmas themed towels (Target Dollar Spot) along the stove!





I am obsessed with plaid during the Fall and Winter seasons!  So I am in love with our plaid monogrammed stockings!  I got them locally from The Teal Room Monogram Boutique.  I get a lot of monogrammed shirts from her!  I got the stocking holders from a local shop In Hernando on the square-Cynthia’s Boutique.  I love the white trees!  For my lanterns I decided to go simple with pinecones!  I got these cinnamon scented pinecones from Wal-Mart.  I would love to add a garland to the tv console next year.




I definitely want to do more with my desk table next year.  Again the tree, plaid plate, Christmas Card, and red mason jar are from Target Dollar Spot.  The candle is an Oxford Candle Company candle.  It’s a Fall scent but the red matched! 🙂


Of course I had to add Christmas Candy to my apothecary jars!  The M&Ms may need a refill soon!


And this plaid square blanket came from Khols.  It is still only $4.99!


I have a couple of big wooden ornaments (I got these from Cracker Barrel years ago) and a Christmas countdown sign (I got from Holiday Market in Memphis when it was in town this Fall) on my key rack.


And my last decoration which is really more Winter than Christmas is our super cute door hanger!  I love that I can keep it up for awhile after Christmas!  This was done locally by Simply Sassy Designs.


I am looking forward to adding much more over the years and having many keepsakes for years to come!  Maybe next year I can add more touches to the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom.

I love this Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

God Bless!




Let’s Talk Christmas Traditions


It’s my FIRST married Christmas!  I am so excited!  This Christmas only marks our second Christmas together, so we are creating our traditions.

Christmas Eve is when Blake’s family does their Christmas dinner and family time together.  Christmas Day we travel to be with my family.  Blake works in the FedEx world so today officially marks the beginning of peak season.  So it’s hard to schedule Christmas outings because I never know what time he will be home each evening.  He also works on Saturdays during this time of the year.  Which means on Sundays he is working for his lawn business customers that have 12 month contracts.  Whew…

Last year we started what I hoped would be a Christmas tradition, but unfortunately it isn’t going to happen this year.  A cool restaurant in downtown Memphis, The Majestic Grille, used to do holiday themed movie nights.  The restaurant constantly plays movies on their big screen, but usually they are silent.  Sunday nights in December they would have a set menu and a holiday movie playing.  Last year, we went on the night they were playing Holiday Inn.  holiday_inn_posterimg_0281

Blake could have cared less about the movie, but it is one of my favorites!  The food is always good there though!  This year they only have one themed night, Christmas Vacation.  nationallampoonschristmasvacationposter

This is usually their biggest sell out of the movie nights.  I was told that since there were so many Christmas events going on in the downtown area this season they cut back to just the Christmas Vacation themed night.  Unfortunately it is during the week instead of a weekend night.  So really impossible for me to plan that not knowing when Blake will be off.  This year will be a girls night out instead.  Six of us will be going and having fun!  It’s also an excuse for one last girl’s get together before one of my bestie’s moves to Florida.  So good excuse for a get together!

The only other Christmas themed event we did together last year was going to the Bass Pro to eat and visit Santa’s Wonderland.  We hope to do this one again this year because I like recreating pictures each year!  We may choose to eat somewhere other than inside Bass Pro, but we will definitely visit the store!


It’s hard for me to get Blake in the holiday spirit when he is so busy this time of year.  But this year I am going to try and add a couple more traditions.  I love looking at Christmas lights, and we have a few drive through parks with some pretty spectacular displays.  Maybe we can do that one evening!  Or just decorating our first home and tree together can turn into a new tradition!  (I do have the tree up but not decorated yet. Future post to come!)  I would love to find a Christmas/Advent themed devotional to read at night also. Any suggestions?  Or newlywed Christmas traditions we should begin?

God Bless!



Bachelorette Party

I knew I wanted a more “grown up” bachelorette party.  Being in my 30’s I didn’t want the same kind of party I would have done in my 20’s.  I also had a wide group of friends attending my bachelorette party.  I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and be able to enjoy the weekend.  I also wanted to take into consideration the amount of money that would be spent.  It’s expensive to be in a wedding so I didn’t want to ask my bridesmaids that were attending to spend even more money.  I also wanted a place with options that if there was an activity that you didn’t want to do you would have other options.  Nashville would have been a great option.  I love Nashville!  But I go there a lot!  Several times throughout the year in fact, so I didn’t want to choose it.  I also really LOVE New Orleans.  It would have been my first choice, but it’s a five hour drive.  We didn’t take any extra time  off-it was just a normal weekend.  So I didn’t want to take up a lot of our time with driving.  I had several girls already driving in to meet us from 3-5 hours away so I definitely didn’t want to ask them to drive any farther.

So where did I pick??  Hot Springs, Arkansas!  I had only been there once, and we stayed on the lake pretty much the whole time.  I wanted to do the whole spa experience and make it fun girl getaway.

My matron of honor, Erin, and one of my bridesmaids, Heather, planned the whole getaway.  Heather found us a really cute lake house for the weekend!

The balconies were awesome!  There were 11 girls total and everyone had a place to sleep.  I can’t complain about the house at all!  Perfect for the weekend!

Friday I worked until 11:30.  My friends, Kendall and Lane, and my cousin, Erin, met me once I was off work.  We stopped in downtown Memphis to eat at one of my favorite spots, Double J’s Smokehouse.  If you are ever in Memphis and looking for some good sliders, this is one of my favorites!  Then we got on the road for the three hour drive to Hot Springs.


Ready to start the weekend!

Everyone arrived at different times.  So for Friday night we planned a low key evening.  We ordered pizza and stayed in to do my lingerie shower.  Some of us did end up going out to a bar to listen to a band for a bit.

My friends, Amy and Robyn, made those cute hair ties for everyone!  So thoughtful!  I got so many cute lingerie pieces and pajamas!  We did the whole game where we named each outfit a different dessert.  So I wrapped them up later with the names on them.  Then Blake could pick out an outfit for me to wear each night of our honeymoon based on the name! 🙂  This game brought out a lot of giggles!  Haha!

Saturday morning we had mimosas and breakfast in our house.  Then we headed to downtown Hot Springs for our spa time!  I picked the Quapaw Baths and Spa based on reviews and prices.  If someone didn’t want to spend a lot on a massage, then they could do the hot baths and steam cave for only about $30.  I did the hot baths, steam cave, and an hour massage and facial.  It was so relaxing and fun!  This was only my second massage ever, and I loved it!  There is so much history to Hot Springs and the spas/bathhouses are in some very cool, old buildings.


Once we were all done, we were ready for lunch!  We went to this super cool Latin restaurant.  We sat outside and their outside set up is very neat!  There was a band playing also!  You can see some more pictures of it here.


Our evening plans started with a toast with before our taxi came to pick us up!


Beautiful ladies!


We had dinner reservations at Superior Bathhouse and Brewery.  It was a pretty casual menu, but we had a really fun time!  Toasts were made which in turn made me shed a few tears! Ha!  It is an incredible feeling to feel and know the love of your friends!


After dinner, we went for drinks at one of the oldest bars in Hot Springs-The Ohio Club.  I can’t believe I didn’t get pictures in here!  It is a beautiful bar.  It was super packed in there though so we didn’t end up staying there super long.  After that, some girls went back to the house, and the rest of us decided to stay out a little longer.  After all it’s not a party without dancing! We ended up walking to Bootscooters and stayed till about 2:30.  We were definitely ready for our beds once we got home.  Sunday morning plans were to eat brunch at The Pancake Shop before heading out.  Some girls left early and for those of us who stayed, we didn’t feel like going back to the downtown Hot Springs area.  Cracker Barrel ended up being our breakfast spot instead!  Haha!  The Pancake Shop looks amazing though so if I ever go back to Hot Springs, I will be going!

It was such a wonderful weekend filled with friends and fun!  It was the perfect bachelorette party for me!

I hope to take Blake there for a weekend getaway sometime over the winter season!  There was so much there we didn’t get to experience, and it really is a fun spot for a long weekend!

God Bless!  XOXO