Friday Favorites

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It’s the start of a four day weekend for me!  We just had Spring Break a week ago, so to have another break this soon is so nice!  My Spring Break was so busy that I plan on having a little more down time this break.  April has no school breaks.  Ugh.  So gotta enjoy this last break before IEP season begins.  Not to mention wedding planning will get ramped up.  78 days y’all.  Wow.  Time flies when you are having fun!

I’m linking up with The Slaughters today for Friday Favorites


Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit

I have only recently gotten into using essential oils.  As you can see I haven’t even opened up some of my bottles yet.  I’m slowly learning and incorporating them into everyday life.  I went to my first class to learn about chemical free cleaning.  I want to start my new home chemical free and make as much cleaning products (dishwasher detergent, washing detergent, toilet cleaner, everyday cleaner, etc) as I can.  I feel like I will be contributing to saving our household money and keeping us healthier.  I broke out this box this morning because I started having a sore throat yesterday.  White patches.  Yuck!  I do not have time for whatever that is going to turn into.  So I found a drink recipe on Pinterest.  It’s just hot water, 2 drops of Thieves, and 1 drop of lemon.  So I have been sipping on that this morning.  These oils are a new favorite!


I received my Ashley Brooks coffee mug as a birthday gift.  It’s also a favorite!  Thanks, Leslie! You can find my same one here  Ashley Brooke Designs


So I started reading this book (found Here) last week.  I hope to have time to read more it over the long weekend.  I started the online Weight Watchers program last month.  I have lost around 15 pounds so far.  Trying to feel good for the wedding and honeymoon.  Plus I was about to have to go up another size, and I wasn’t okay with that.  Mr. B and I recently joined a gym, and I am glad it is something we will be doing together.  When people say it’s exercise and eating right, they aren’t lying.  I think that is what I’m learning from this book.  And moderation.  NO more super size.  Portion control is key!  I will update after I finish it. Hopefully it will be a favorite!

 Is the Easter Bunny coming to see you?  I am hoping the Easter Bunny will be bringing me these sandals.


Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals

I will take them in either black or the saddle color.  🙂 I know they would end up being a favorite for Spring and Summer.


And if the Easter Bunny comes to visit Mr. B, he may be bringing a nice Spring shirt.  Mr. B is an avid Polo fan, but he also wears Southern Marsh button up shirts.  I am loving this shirt.


Southern Marsh Tillman Windowpane

And my most favorite thing about this Friday and weekend…



Don’t let the Easter Bunny, springtime gifts, and candy overshadow the true meaning of Easter.  Christ died for us.  And He is Risen.  We are forgiven and have the hope of eternal life in Heaven.  I don’t know anything greater than that.

God Bless!



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