Playing Catch Up 

Let’s go way back to January and blog my engagement story! 

Blake and I were supposed to go to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach over the New Year’s holiday. This is where Blake was going to propose. I know he had something very sweet and romantic on the beach planned. Unfortunately the day after Christmas, my granddad passed away unexpectedly. So that took me out to Odessa, TX for a week. So my New Year’s was spent there while Blake was still in Mississippi. 

In Sanderson, TX where my grandparents met and lived. This is me with my first cousins, Riley and Jeremy.

My granddad’s family has land at this ranch. At one point in time, his aunt (i believe) operated a guest ranch on her part of the land.

My cousins, Jeremy and Jared, walking the football field at Sandersom High School. my granddad played on that field.

So when I got back, I had one day before having to return to work. So the following weekend we had date night on Friday. We went to Blake’s favorite restaurant in Collierville, TN-Jim’s Place

We had to take a selfie before going in to eat. So normally we love Jim’s place but that night it was just kind of okay. So we were kinda disappointed about our food. We left and went back to Blake’s house. We were in his room watching tv. By this time I have to admit I’m catching on because he’s just so nervous acting! Ha! (Plus I did expect that if we had gone to the beach weekend before that I would be getting a ring. We had already gone to pick the ring out awhile back so I knew he had it.) He asked me to go get him a Mt. Dew out of the kitchen. This was so he could get the ring out of the drawer and to a place he could reach for it. Then when I came back in he asked me to come around to the side of the bed he was sitting on. So I did. He hugged me and told me how much he loved me. Then he reached under the bed to pull out the ring and gave it to me! May not have been the more elaborate beach proposal he had planned, but it was perfect! 

Calls were made and texts were sent. Then the wedding planning fun started! 

God Bless! 



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