Bachelorette Party

I knew I wanted a more “grown up” bachelorette party.  Being in my 30’s I didn’t want the same kind of party I would have done in my 20’s.  I also had a wide group of friends attending my bachelorette party.  I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and be able to enjoy the weekend.  I also wanted to take into consideration the amount of money that would be spent.  It’s expensive to be in a wedding so I didn’t want to ask my bridesmaids that were attending to spend even more money.  I also wanted a place with options that if there was an activity that you didn’t want to do you would have other options.  Nashville would have been a great option.  I love Nashville!  But I go there a lot!  Several times throughout the year in fact, so I didn’t want to choose it.  I also really LOVE New Orleans.  It would have been my first choice, but it’s a five hour drive.  We didn’t take any extra time  off-it was just a normal weekend.  So I didn’t want to take up a lot of our time with driving.  I had several girls already driving in to meet us from 3-5 hours away so I definitely didn’t want to ask them to drive any farther.

So where did I pick??  Hot Springs, Arkansas!  I had only been there once, and we stayed on the lake pretty much the whole time.  I wanted to do the whole spa experience and make it fun girl getaway.

My matron of honor, Erin, and one of my bridesmaids, Heather, planned the whole getaway.  Heather found us a really cute lake house for the weekend!

The balconies were awesome!  There were 11 girls total and everyone had a place to sleep.  I can’t complain about the house at all!  Perfect for the weekend!

Friday I worked until 11:30.  My friends, Kendall and Lane, and my cousin, Erin, met me once I was off work.  We stopped in downtown Memphis to eat at one of my favorite spots, Double J’s Smokehouse.  If you are ever in Memphis and looking for some good sliders, this is one of my favorites!  Then we got on the road for the three hour drive to Hot Springs.


Ready to start the weekend!

Everyone arrived at different times.  So for Friday night we planned a low key evening.  We ordered pizza and stayed in to do my lingerie shower.  Some of us did end up going out to a bar to listen to a band for a bit.

My friends, Amy and Robyn, made those cute hair ties for everyone!  So thoughtful!  I got so many cute lingerie pieces and pajamas!  We did the whole game where we named each outfit a different dessert.  So I wrapped them up later with the names on them.  Then Blake could pick out an outfit for me to wear each night of our honeymoon based on the name! 🙂  This game brought out a lot of giggles!  Haha!

Saturday morning we had mimosas and breakfast in our house.  Then we headed to downtown Hot Springs for our spa time!  I picked the Quapaw Baths and Spa based on reviews and prices.  If someone didn’t want to spend a lot on a massage, then they could do the hot baths and steam cave for only about $30.  I did the hot baths, steam cave, and an hour massage and facial.  It was so relaxing and fun!  This was only my second massage ever, and I loved it!  There is so much history to Hot Springs and the spas/bathhouses are in some very cool, old buildings.


Once we were all done, we were ready for lunch!  We went to this super cool Latin restaurant.  We sat outside and their outside set up is very neat!  There was a band playing also!  You can see some more pictures of it here.


Our evening plans started with a toast with before our taxi came to pick us up!


Beautiful ladies!


We had dinner reservations at Superior Bathhouse and Brewery.  It was a pretty casual menu, but we had a really fun time!  Toasts were made which in turn made me shed a few tears! Ha!  It is an incredible feeling to feel and know the love of your friends!


After dinner, we went for drinks at one of the oldest bars in Hot Springs-The Ohio Club.  I can’t believe I didn’t get pictures in here!  It is a beautiful bar.  It was super packed in there though so we didn’t end up staying there super long.  After that, some girls went back to the house, and the rest of us decided to stay out a little longer.  After all it’s not a party without dancing! We ended up walking to Bootscooters and stayed till about 2:30.  We were definitely ready for our beds once we got home.  Sunday morning plans were to eat brunch at The Pancake Shop before heading out.  Some girls left early and for those of us who stayed, we didn’t feel like going back to the downtown Hot Springs area.  Cracker Barrel ended up being our breakfast spot instead!  Haha!  The Pancake Shop looks amazing though so if I ever go back to Hot Springs, I will be going!

It was such a wonderful weekend filled with friends and fun!  It was the perfect bachelorette party for me!

I hope to take Blake there for a weekend getaway sometime over the winter season!  There was so much there we didn’t get to experience, and it really is a fun spot for a long weekend!

God Bless!  XOXO



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