Let’s Talk Christmas Traditions


It’s my FIRST married Christmas!  I am so excited!  This Christmas only marks our second Christmas together, so we are creating our traditions.

Christmas Eve is when Blake’s family does their Christmas dinner and family time together.  Christmas Day we travel to be with my family.  Blake works in the FedEx world so today officially marks the beginning of peak season.  So it’s hard to schedule Christmas outings because I never know what time he will be home each evening.  He also works on Saturdays during this time of the year.  Which means on Sundays he is working for his lawn business customers that have 12 month contracts.  Whew…

Last year we started what I hoped would be a Christmas tradition, but unfortunately it isn’t going to happen this year.  A cool restaurant in downtown Memphis, The Majestic Grille, used to do holiday themed movie nights.  The restaurant constantly plays movies on their big screen, but usually they are silent.  Sunday nights in December they would have a set menu and a holiday movie playing.  Last year, we went on the night they were playing Holiday Inn.  holiday_inn_posterimg_0281

Blake could have cared less about the movie, but it is one of my favorites!  The food is always good there though!  This year they only have one themed night, Christmas Vacation.  nationallampoonschristmasvacationposter

This is usually their biggest sell out of the movie nights.  I was told that since there were so many Christmas events going on in the downtown area this season they cut back to just the Christmas Vacation themed night.  Unfortunately it is during the week instead of a weekend night.  So really impossible for me to plan that not knowing when Blake will be off.  This year will be a girls night out instead.  Six of us will be going and having fun!  It’s also an excuse for one last girl’s get together before one of my bestie’s moves to Florida.  So good excuse for a get together!

The only other Christmas themed event we did together last year was going to the Bass Pro to eat and visit Santa’s Wonderland.  We hope to do this one again this year because I like recreating pictures each year!  We may choose to eat somewhere other than inside Bass Pro, but we will definitely visit the store!


It’s hard for me to get Blake in the holiday spirit when he is so busy this time of year.  But this year I am going to try and add a couple more traditions.  I love looking at Christmas lights, and we have a few drive through parks with some pretty spectacular displays.  Maybe we can do that one evening!  Or just decorating our first home and tree together can turn into a new tradition!  (I do have the tree up but not decorated yet. Future post to come!)  I would love to find a Christmas/Advent themed devotional to read at night also. Any suggestions?  Or newlywed Christmas traditions we should begin?

God Bless!




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