Show and Tell Tuesdays-Christmas Home Tour


Time to link up with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday!  So starting off with your first Christmas in your first place is hard!  I wasn’t engaged until after Christmas last year, so I didn’t shop any post holiday sales to stock up on items.  I definitely plan to hit up some after Christmas sales this year though so that I can begin to collect Christmas/Holiday decor for future seasons to come!

Blake’s mom only puts up a small Christmas tree since she has no kids living at home and their family Christmas gathering is relatively small.  So lucky for us, we were able to get one of her trees she no longer uses.  It is a 9 foot Pole Fir Tree.  Now 9 ft in the box and what I expected it to look like in my mind versus once it was put together… Well lets say, I do love it, but I probably could have had a smaller tree in the apartment.  Since we live in an upstairs unit, we do have vaulted ceilings in the living room which is how we made this tree work in the space.


I really love the traditional Christmas look so I decided on red and green for my tree theme.  Of course I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration also.  You can find my Pinterest board for all things Holiday here.  I decided the best place for good prices and selection would be to shop at Hobby Lobby.  I was able to get 95% of my tree decorations there.

And luckily for us again, Blake’s mom was kind enough to purchase all of our tree decor to help us start out this year.  The mesh ribbon came from a store in Southaven, Mississippi called House to Home.  This is a wholesale store with tons of decorations for do it yourselfers.  They had some pre-made bows which is the route I chose to go!  I am not ready to tackle the mesh bow process!  Best part.. The bow was only $9.50 and the the rolls of ribbon were only $6.50!  I purchased two rolls of ribbon.  I also got the glitter bows from House to Home.

The tree skirt my mom bought for us.  She purchased it from TJ Maxx.  I got a lot of recommendations to look for tree skirts there.  My mom works close by one and  was able to pick it out based on the colors and plaid ribbon.  (I couldn’t find my exact one on the site).  I think she did a great job!  🙂


I do have two non red/green ornaments on the tree!  This is our First Married Christmas ornament for 2016.  It’s a Glory Haus ornament and you can find it here.  Thanks, Mom!  And then this is also a first Christmas one that is Ole Miss themed!  So cute!  Thanks, Heather!

My other favorite spot to hit up has been the Target Dollar Spot.  I have seen a lot of these items on my Instagram feed so I basically copied their ideas.  I would love to have some additional items in my cupcake stand, but I didn’t want to buy a lot more until the after Christmas sales.  I got the table runner, car, red mason jar, plaid plate, wreath, and Christmas Card at the Dollar Spot.  The pottery is McCarty and Panduro.  Both are local to Mississippi.  And candy canes always add a festive touch.  In the kitchen I just put some Christmas themed towels (Target Dollar Spot) along the stove!





I am obsessed with plaid during the Fall and Winter seasons!  So I am in love with our plaid monogrammed stockings!  I got them locally from The Teal Room Monogram Boutique.  I get a lot of monogrammed shirts from her!  I got the stocking holders from a local shop In Hernando on the square-Cynthia’s Boutique.  I love the white trees!  For my lanterns I decided to go simple with pinecones!  I got these cinnamon scented pinecones from Wal-Mart.  I would love to add a garland to the tv console next year.




I definitely want to do more with my desk table next year.  Again the tree, plaid plate, Christmas Card, and red mason jar are from Target Dollar Spot.  The candle is an Oxford Candle Company candle.  It’s a Fall scent but the red matched! 🙂


Of course I had to add Christmas Candy to my apothecary jars!  The M&Ms may need a refill soon!


And this plaid square blanket came from Khols.  It is still only $4.99!


I have a couple of big wooden ornaments (I got these from Cracker Barrel years ago) and a Christmas countdown sign (I got from Holiday Market in Memphis when it was in town this Fall) on my key rack.


And my last decoration which is really more Winter than Christmas is our super cute door hanger!  I love that I can keep it up for awhile after Christmas!  This was done locally by Simply Sassy Designs.


I am looking forward to adding much more over the years and having many keepsakes for years to come!  Maybe next year I can add more touches to the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom.

I love this Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

God Bless!





4 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesdays-Christmas Home Tour

  1. Love your blog!!! Wish I had known about it sooner!! (I also raided the Target Dollar Section. I’ll do a blog post once my room mates go home for Christmas and stop MOVING EVERYTHING!)

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