Tuesday Talk-Cookbooks

I am joining up today with Ashley and Erika for their Tuesday Talk link up!

I want to talk about healthy cookbooks.  Since getting married, I have really grown to enjoy cooking!  I rarely cook stuff twice.  Not because I haven’t cooked meals we have loved, but I just enjoy trying new recipes!  I love sitting with my cookbooks each week picking out our meals for the week.  Of course I use Pinterest and recipe websites, but I just love a cookbook!  My collection is not big yet, and I am ready to start building it up!  So give me suggestions!

Here are my three go to cookbooks I use on a regular basis…


The Skinnytaste website also has TONS of recipes!



The Skinnytaste Cookbook


I am cooking out of this one a lot right now!


Skinnytaste Fast and Slow



Skinny Suppers

I love all these cookbooks because you can go on their websites and see the Weight Watcher points associated with each recipe!  Weight Watchers is just easy for me to follow from time to time.  Like right now when I have put on my “winter weight”-Y’all know what I mean! 🙂

Skinnytaste definitely uses a lot of flavor, and I LOVE that!  We can eat healthy, and it tastes good!  So I would recommend all three of these!  I look forward to getting some good recommendations back!

God Bless-Sarah


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