Friday Favorites

friday favorites flower look[1]

Time for Friday Favorites with Erika, Narci, and Andrea!

#1 Short weeks!  I could totally get down with every week being a four day work week.  I will go even further and say I would be willing to work four 10 hour work days!  I don’t think the school system is going to implement my plan anytime soon though.



#2 Rae Dunn!  So in my Instagram (Follow ME) world, I follow a ton of folks who are Rae Dunn obsessed.  I don’t think Rae Dunn is a  big thing to collect in my part of Mississippi.  You are supposed to be able to find her clay pottery creations at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods.  I have only really tried to look in these stores once and found ZERO Rae Dunn.  So my collection has started off with buying online.  And I am pretty sure I am getting ripped off on what I pay!  If I could find them in store, I think I would find that are probably half of what I’m paying online.  So many people buy all her stuff from these stores and resale at a big markup.  Bummer!  Right now I am just starting out with her mugs.  I love them!  They aren’t exactly perfectly made, and they are big!  And how cute are the sayings!?  I have three (FAITH, HEY GIRL, KISSES) more on the way to me now!  I eventually want to add in some more of stuff-Like the pitcher, canisters, butter dish, etc.  Do y’all have Rae Dunn in your stores?  Any collectors?


I am still decorating and adding touches to our home.  This is the beginnings of my coffee bar area and the beginning of my collection!  I also have a MRS. mug not pictured.  Can’t wait to have my mug rack full!

#3 Skinnytaste Korean Beef Rice Bowls!  This was amazing to eat and so easy to make!  Y’all have to try it!  I believe it was her number one recipe of 2016!


Here’s how mine turned out!  Can’t wait to eat my leftovers for lunch today!

#4 Birthdays!  Next week is my birthday week!  Always my favorite week of the year!  I’m turning the big #33-Kinda seems like a not fun birthday number. 32 was pretty fun so I’m sure 33 will be an awesome year as well!

#5 Biloxi, MS!  Next week I am heading to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the Gulf Coast Social Work Conference.  It’s one of my favorite places to visit.  And it’s always a good time to visit the beach-especially in January!  I will actually be there on my birthday so I can’t wait to eat at my favorite place!  Mary Mahoney’s Old French House!  They serve my favorite crab cakes!  They are just so yummy!  I also plan on hitting up Shaggy’s !  It’s just a fun beachy restaurant.  I’m staying at a place new to me, so I will let you know how my trip goes!



This weekend our plans are kinda low key.  My husband’s company didn’t have their work Christmas party in December due to a couple different issues.  So this Saturday night we are attending a late Christmas party at his owner’s home! If the food is anything like last year, it will be superb!  Sunday night is my family birthday party at my in-laws.  So two fun things to look forward to this weekend!  Have a great weekend!

God Bless-Sarah

P.S.  Today is Inauguration Day. No matter what side of the election you fall on, I hope you will pray for the incoming President, his cabinet, and America.  I prayed for President Obama while in office and will now pray for President Trump.  Whether you agree on the President or not, I hope we can all come together and want the best for American and its citizens.


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