Monday Musings

Well, I haven’t been in a blogging mood in quite a bit, but I thought I would participate in a link up.  I started this post, and I obviously didn’t finish it on Friday.  #bloggingfail       So I didn’t get to link up with AndreaNarci, and Erika for Friday Favorites!  So I have turned this into my Monday Musings…. 🙂



Biggest Loser–So the Biggest Loser contest at work begins today.  I have really gone crazy on my eating game this week #eatingallthecalories in preparation for it to begin!  Ha!  We did our weigh in this morning and we will continue to weigh in every Friday for the next six weeks.  Now normally any type of diet would not be my favorite, but I like the accountability of doing this as a work team.  I know I will feel better if I can drop a few pounds.  I just like feeling comfortable in my clothes, and lately I have been all about elastic waists!  #notgood  So here’s to looking and feeling better just in time for Summer Break!


via Pinterest



via Pinterest 

Manicures-So I have been using this nail system (powder dip) at the nail salon I go to in my town.  This is a new product to me!  I have been using it since maybe November.  It has made my nails grow long and strong.  My favorite thing about it is that it lasts three weeks on me!  It’s way better for your nails than the regular gel manicures.  You can read more about SNS Nails on their site.  I got my monthly mani done yesterday, and I wish I would have taken a picture before the polish was put back on to show how healthy my nails looked!  I also got my nails cut way down this time just because it makes them grow so quickly!  I don’t know the name of my polish!  They put numbers on them in my nail salon.  It’s a light pink with subtle sparkle/glitter.



TV-I have been loving my Sunday night shows.  I have three that I have been religiously watching lately.  The Walking Dead-This season was hit or miss for me.  I am not a fan of the episodes that focus on just one character.   The closer the episodes got to the end of the season the better they got though.  I really don’t want Neagan to be in Season 8, but he probably isn’t killed off this season.  Big Little Lies-I loved this book and the miniseries hasn’t disappointed.  The actresses are phenomenal, and I am so sad to see this one come to an end also.  Also the music in this show is sooo good!  Homeland-We binge watched this one around Christmas to catch up to the current season.  I love Saul, Carrie, and Quinn!  This one has a few more episodes before the season finale, so I will at least have something to watch a little while longer.  With The Bachelor over and now two of those shows finishing up, I am going to have to find a Netflix or Amazon show to start watching.

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God Bless!  XOXO-Sarah


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